Our MD Alison has recently taken up a voluntary position with the ASF as their lead on Marketing and Comms. The ASF is a ‘not for profits’ collaborative partnership of competing stakeholders from across the aviation sector who have joined forces to build a more sustainable future for onboard service. Through research projects, collaborations and partnerships the ASF will drive change in onboard products and services to help our sector meet Netzero targets. Their work will inform and influence both inflight service and waste management processes in the future. A recent research paper is available now on their website. www.aviationsustainabilityforum.com

Alison said ‘When I first heard about the work of the ASF I wanted to know how we could support. As a product supplier, we always tend to work directly with our airline clients on product development and don’t necessarily know what happens to used or unwanted product after the flight. In order to make a real difference in terms of reducing waste and improving sustainability in inflight product and service, we immediately saw the value in collaborating with all aspects of the supply chain. The ASF is a great team of people who are highly motivated to make the ASF the ‘go to’ place for information and advice on making sustainable choices onboard. I am delighted to be working with them.”