“Alison Wells, Co-Director of Plane Talking Products, thinks that the flight should be “a full sensory experience” in the post-pandemic era: “Passenger wellbeing is at the forefront of everything in our sector, particularly since the pandemic. The flight is an essential part of a holiday experience, and we have all missed this over the last couple of years. With travel being restricted during the pandemic, people are recognizing the importance to their mental and physical well-being of being able to get away from it all and see and do things that nourish the soul. Having the time to recharge and relax is a must-have now, not just a nice-to-have. It’s important that any product onboard supports this – that could be a wonderful scent in your amenity pack to help relax or reinvigorate, a super-soft blanket or a delicious taste of local cuisine. The flight should be a full sensory experience that we remember long afterwards – memories evoked by tasting… and smelling… feeling like that again.”

Wells notes that “really simple things” like fun slogans, choosing different colours and rotating items to keep the amenity kits fresh can make them much more interesting and memorable.”

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