Sleeping Products

Rest, relaxation and well being on board is all-important. At PTP we offer a range of comforting products to help your passengers have a great night’s sleep. From luxurious duvets to super-soft fleeces – cosy socks to silky pyjamas – we have everything you need for sweet dreams.

With a product list including fleece and woven blankets, duvets, cushions, headrest covers, and many more, we deliver very large volumes on time and to specification – again and again.

Bespoke and sustainable airline socks.
Sustainable airline slippers and pyjamas.

Fresh Thinking Products

As well as aesthetic design, part of our development process is to ‘value-engineer’ products that are innovative and full of fresh thinking, that the passenger feels is an upgrade, but the product actually costs less and performs better.
Our economy products offer great value for money and are designed and produced with your budget in mind.

All of our fabric and non-woven textiles can be infused with either of our two grades of antibacterial treatment. This can be added at source or added to existing inventory or topped-up to extend protection.

Sustainable Materials

There has been a substantial focus on fast fashion over the past couple of years and as a result, some great developments and innovations have been made in the textile industry.

From organic and ethically sourced yarns becoming more widely available to biodegradable plastic-free fabrics and even recyclable RPET fleeces, satins and suedes made from recycled plastic bottles.

Sustainable slippers, eye mask, and dressing gown by PlaneTalking Products.
Inflight Products that go the distance

Inflight Products that
go the distance