Product Development

Research and Development

R&D is at the heart of everything we do, and we never stop.

Our team of designers are always working on new materials and new concepts from investigating the latest developments in sustainable materials to working on full meal service delivery packaging ideas.

When you come to us for ideas, we always want to be ready with something new and exciting.

A designer carrying out research and development on some airline products.
3 people discussing a client brief over a laptop.

Client Brief

Even though our name is Plane Talking, listening is what we do best…. Tell us what you need and leave the rest to us.

At Plane Talking Products we are experienced in understanding the unique challenges of the inflight environment and working with all key stakeholders to find the right solution for you.

We can problem-solve through design and development or meet the challenge of a quick turnaround when needed.

Creative Refinement

At Plane Talking Products we pride ourselves on always delivering innovative ideas that improve a unique customer experience through design, product development and technology and will work closely with every client to reach the perfect outcome and raise expectations.

Our team of designers will always make sure that they tailor each project differently and present you with what you’ve asked for and not a generic style.

4 members of the PlaneTalking team sharing ideas for creative refinement.
An account manager looking at charts and statistics on a computer.

Account Management

Once the product is chosen, our team of Account Managers will take over to ensure a smooth transition from design to delivery. We have a wealth of experience of working across the globe, managing critical paths and keeping our customers up to date with the latest information.

Never before has great account management been so critical as supply chains are put under pressure. At Plane Talking Products you can rest assured you are always in safe hands.

Visual and Samples

Our team of designers will produce creative samples, so our clients can visualise the products before production.

All our clients benefit from our skill, experience, and expertise to develop products while working within the remit of your brand and your budget.

A stack of visuals and samples from a range of airline products on a table.
Production machinery used to make airline products.


We have a dedicated team responsible for overseeing the production of our products. We have robust QA and QC procedures which the team follow.

Production is tracked and monitored at all times and our customers kept up to date with exactly what’s going on and when.

Fulfilment & Delivery

On time, every time – that’s our aim. We manage a complex global supply chain and are well used to delivering to numerous global locations by sea, air and land.

We can deliver to your door in full container loads, by the pallet or the box. We also have global storage locations from where we can offer local delivery.

A fully stocked warehouse, full of boxed up airline products.


It’s clear we picked the right people for the job

Customer service is second to none

Thank you for the presentation – loved the designs + ideas

Thank you for your support + responding so quickly to get stock to us in the coronavirus emergency

Very impressive presentation, the designs were like drinking a shot of espresso

Inflight Products that go the distance

Inflight Products that
go the distance