Dining Products

Onboard hospitality is an essential part of any long haul flight. At PTP we can offer everything from 5-star dining in the sky to ‘grab and go’ style convenience food packaging.

Working with key stakeholders we can help you create the right product to ensure your passengers feel well looked after.

Bespoke, made to order, wooden airline tableware.
First class, sustainable, airline dinnerware with food on it.

First Class Service

Working with renowned ceramic designers, we can create stunning crockery ranges from bone china, fine china and porcelain.

Incorporating beautiful decal designs and elegant shapes, all forms part of creating a memorable meal service for your passengers.

Rotable Vs Disposable

We can all agree that anything we can reuse is better than something that only has one single use. All new product reviews should start by seriously considering rotable items and thinking outside the box in terms of the post- flight life of a product. If disposable is the only option, then looking at suitable materials, geography of sourcing, transportation, delivery and disposal should all form part of the decision making process.

Bone China airline tableware bowl with soup inside.

Bone China Tableware

Bone China is considered to be the highest quality ceramic used for tableware and is the perfect use for onboard as it’s lightweight strong, durable, chip-resistant, and stunningly beautiful.

Porcelain Tableware

The properties of porcelain such as strength, elasticity, permeability, and translucency mean that porcelain is a great option for durable tableware.

A range of sustainable porcelain tableware for airline dining.
Stacks of glass-based, sustainable tableware for in-flight dining.

Glass-Based Tableware

Say goodbye to Chips & Cracks! Say hello to our triple-layer-strength glass-based tableware! Our durable Vitrelle glass dinnerware is super-resistant to breakage, chipping, scratches, and staining! Manufactured up to 80% pre-consumer recycled glass.

The Future in Meal Service

A truly sustainable product is one which has an afterlife – and is not just sent to a landfill or incinerated after one use.

Reusable coffee cups and tote bags can be useful items for passengers to reuse at home – with the added advantage of taking your brand message and identity out into the world – post-flight.

Bespoke branded reusable cup and straws for airline flights.
Inflight Products that go the distance

Inflight Products that
go the distance